Broadchurch: Thoughts on Series 2

Broadchurch Series 2

Remember when I wrote about my disappointment with the first series of Broadchurch here? Well, back then I honestly didn’t think I would want to watch the second series but when I found out that Charlotte Rampling would be in it, I simply couldn’t resist. I mean, David Tennant AND Charlotte Rampling (not to mention Eve Myles, one of my favourite girl-crushes ever, and James D’Arcy, who’s quite easy on the eyes as well… ;-))? Oh, alright then…

So I just finished watching Series 2 and I must say it totally made up for the shitty ending of the first series. I know many people didn’t like it (actually I read a few reviews that referred to it as “Boredchurch”) because it was completely different to Series 1, being a legal drama more than an actual whodunnit. Personally, I love legal dramas and court storylines, so I really enjoyed watching all the townies’ secrets come out in the witness box. The second plotline about the Sandbrook murders was quite riveting as well and I liked the characters of Claire Ripley and Lee Ashworth. FINALLY we got to know more about DI Hardy’s backstory and why he was being so weird in Series 1. Hardy’s interaction with Ellie Miller was really enjoyable as well this time round – I loved their matey banter and how he kept forgetting her younger son’s name. 🙂
The ending of Series 2 was quite different to what I was expecting but I thought it was very well written (quite the opposite to what I thought about Series 1’s ending) and beautifully filmed. I’m not quite sure how they are going to carry on from there for Series 3, which has just been confirmed, but judging from this series, they’ll probably find a way to surprise us. I just hope that Hardy and Miller will be back.

Have you seen Broadchurch Series 2 and if so, what did you think?


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