Broadchurch: Final Verdict

So ‘Broadchurch’ has been over for a little while now… And though I do believe in the saying “If you’ve got nothing nice to say, just don’t say anything at all” (or somesuch), I think I need to voice my reasons for being thoroughly disappointed with the way it ended. Because I’m sad to say that the final episode really ruined the entire series for me. I know from reading the show’s fansite on Facebook and all the positive comments about it that I’m probably in the minority here, but I know at least two other people who feel the same way I do. So here goes…

The Pauline Quirke character: What the hell was that about? First they give us all those ‘town weirdo’ stereotypes, then they reveal her very troubled and tragic past and then she just vanishes and nobody seems to notice or care? Why introduce this character at all if she’s not going to give anything to the story in the end? I really don’t understand it and I think it’s really poor writing.

The David Tennant character: I pretty much only started watching this show because of David Tennant and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I think I already said in my previous blogpost about the show that I hope they give us a bit more insight into his character’s backstory. Well, they didn’t. Except for some farfetched plot line about his ex having an affair. Oh, golly, how original! So all those questions I (and probably everyone else watching) had about why he had those PTSD symptoms have stayed unanswered. Great. So why have him be like that in the first place? Another example of bad writing.

Which leaves us with the third and most important blunder in the storyline: The killer. Seriously, am I the only one who saw that coming from miles away? Well, OK, maybe not miles but at least the second to last episode. That scene at the skate park where Ellie was talking to her husband and he said something along the lines of “I’m available for questioning in the bedroom, you know?” and then when she wasn’t looking his face just turned really dark and hostile. That was such a major indicator that he had to be the killer, I can’t believe so many people were actually surprised when they revealed he really was the one who killed Danny! Hello?? Did you watch that episode at all? Also, this entire plot line with him being in love with Danny and the murder being more of an accident than an actual murder is so ridiculous. Child abuse? Really? After all that build-up that is what the writers came up with? So after the newsagent’s storyline they just thought “Oh what the heck, no one will notice that we just transferred that whole plot element from one character to another and took the easy way out”? I was really majorly disappointed with that. Actually, I’d like those 8 hours of my life back that I spent watching that show because honestly, I could have written such an ending myself, I don’t need to watch TV for that. The writers managed to keep me in the dark for more than 6 episodes, I’ll give them that, but the way the whole thing was resolved in the end was such a let-down. And yes, I do realize that a second series is coming sooner or later and they will probably tie up a few of those loose ends then (at least I hope so!), but still, no one knew it was going to be more than one series and seeing how the murder plot itself was solved and pretty much done with at the end I don’t see why any of the other threads couldn’t have been tied up now as well.

Oh well… I guess you can’t please everyone and apparently a lot of folks really liked the ending, so I’ll just shut up now. 😉 But at least my opinion is out there now. I feel much better already after this little rant. ^^


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    1. Yes, after the credits were finished there was a line of text saying “Broadchurch will be back” or something and a second series was confirmed shortly before the final episode. 😐 Not sure how I feel about that…

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