Broadchurch: A Seaside Whodunnit

For the past few weeks my Monday evenings have been reserved for watching one of my all-time favourite Doctors actors, David Tennant, in ITV’s new crime/mystery drama ‘Broadchurch’. I have to admit that I only learned about this show a few hours before it started airing but it had David Tennant in it, it was set in Dorset, which is an area of Britain I have been to and really like, and I always like a good whodunnit, so I was excited to check it out.

The story is set in a rather ordinary seaside town called Broadchurch and the characters seem pretty ordinary at first glance as well. There’s the friendly and slightly chaotic family who’s friends or acquaintances with basically everyone in town; the grumpy old newsagent; the bustling female police officer with a devoted house-husband at home; the male police officer with a dark secret in his past; the town weirdo (actually there are quite a few of those); the sensitive but slightly geeky vicar; the high-flying reporter from the Big City and many others. The victim of the crime that sets the story in motion is Danny Latimer, the young son of the aforementioned family. After he is found dead at the bottom of the cliffs and it has been established that his death was not an accident a frantic search for his killer begins and the lives of the townsfolk are disrupted as almost everyone is being put under scrutiny. Suddenly the viewer realises that nothing is as it seems to be in this quaint little town and that everyone seems to have a secret.

Usually with crime stories I’m quite good at making out who the killer is very early on but this one is different. For the first five episodes I had basically no idea whatsoever as to who it might be and now that the sixth episode aired last night I’m still undecided. It might be due to the fact that apparently only 4 people involved in the production knew who the killer was while it was being filmed and the actor or actress playing the killer was only told a few hours before the crucial final scenes were filmed. There are two more episodes to go and I really can’t wait to find out who did it! And after last night I’m really keen to know if the dog is OK (anyone who’s seen last night’s episode will know what I mean)!

The other thing I would really like to know is what the hell is wrong with DI Hardy? Illness? PTSD? It really bugs me that we don’t get to know more about his past and so far his character seems rather one-dimensional due to that which is a shame. :-/

So, anyone else watching this? What do you think who did it?


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